24th October 2020

Bournemouth Squash Club
Back to Play Guidance

  1. All members and guests should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of their session and
    be dressed ready to play. The changing facilities are only to be used post play.
  2. All members and guests, must sign that they have read and understood these conditions.
  3. We ask everyone when arriving at the club to check-in using the NHS QR Code which is located at
    the main entrance.
  4. No one should attend the club if they, or a member of their household, have tested positive for Covid
    19 or have had any symptoms during the previous 14 days. Also please if you are shielding or
    vulnerable please consider if it is safe for you to return to these sports.
  5. Hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the club should be used before entering the complex and
    please wear face coverings at all times except when on court, in the gym, or using the bar facilities.
  6. You should bring their own fluids/refreshments for the gym or on court and use your own water bottle
    at all times. All personal ‘waste’ (empty water bottles, wrappers etc) to be taken home.
  7. Squash / racket ball players should remain on court for the duration of their session and avoid loitering
    in areas outside of the court.
  8. No more than two people are allowed on a squash court at one time under any circumstances.
  9. Antiviral cleaner and wipes will be available for use on court door handles and gym equipment before
    and after use.
  10. Squash / racket ball players must use their own equipment, all kit bags and other personal belongings
    must be kept on the court.
  11. Please avoid as far as possible touching walls etc and it is recommended that to reduce sweat
    droplets you consider the use of sweatbands and regularly change playing kit.
  12. Squash / racket ball players who are not members of the same household should only play “Sides”, a
    routine that ensures “social distancing”, or as a member of a “Squash Bubble” of 6 players. Players
    must notify the club of the formation of these bubbles and can only play in one bubble and only
    change bubbles after a seven day break from play. It is recommended that if playing as a bubble
    players should start with sides to make best use of the session.
  13.  Please ensure that no more than two people use the Gents changing/shower facilities , or one
    person in the Ladies changing/shower facilities at any one time . Please use the supplied cleaning
    equipment on all touch points before and after using the facilities.
  14. If you test positive for Coronavirus or develop symptoms within a 14 day period of attending the club
    you must inform us immediately. The player should also contact their GP or call 111. The NHS will
    then implement track and trace procedures and the club may need to provide player contact details.
  15. Where possible we advise members not to use public transport but if required to adhere to
    government guidance on using such transport.
  16. Where possible we ask for contactless payment.
  17. Opening hours for the club will be Sat: 10:00 - 18.00, Mon - Fri 12.00 - 21.00

29th August 2020

Squash Bubbles

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for!
From Tuesday, clubs and venues can introduce full-court play for #squash bubbles of up to six players! 🥳
Find out more 👉 bit.ly/2Qv3ICp


20th August 2020

Great News,
We are able to open our showers with restrictions at the club.

We would ask that if possible, please come changed for play and shower at home.

If that is not possiblethen the guidelines are that only 2 people are allowed in the men's changing room/showers at any one time and only 1 lady in the female changing area.

We thank you for adhering to the guidelines at the club and thank you for all the support you have shown to Martin and I.

Kind Regards

22nd July 2020

Make sure you read this: Bck to play guidance PDF

Socially Distanced Games and Practices PDF

Dear All,
We are pleased to announce that the club will be reopening this Saturday from 10.00am-6.00pm and then from Monday 27th July from 12.00 noon - 9.00pm(depending on bookings). We have attached the Covid safety plans that will be in place at the club and that every one will have to adhere to .You will be asked to sign that you have read and fully understand “The Back To Play Guidance “and that you will comply with them so that we can keep all members safe and the club open .

It has been over 4 months since we were last on court so “Go Steady “when you get back on court !!!!

Martin and I will be working separately with coaching only available on Tuesday and Thursday for the moment ,Court times will be staggered and you are asked to come changed ready to go on court as only the toilet facilities will be open.All Courts and Gym Sessions Must Be Booked as we need to comply with England Squash guidelines.

You may have seen on our website our “Bounce Back Bargains” these will be available until 31/7 so why not get some new equipment and a restring to kick start your playing days.

It has for us, like so many been a difficult time with no income generated at the club and the Landlord expecting full rent, luckily we managed to secure a couple of grants that will be used to pay some of this debt but we need to generate income quickly and would kindly ask if your membership is due it could be paid promptly to help us get back on our feet.

If you have any questions regarding the attached information want to book a court or Gym session or reserve any of the sale items please feel free to call Martin or myself .

Finally Martin and I would like to thank you all for your support and offers of help, I think it proves what a special and unique club we share and we look forward to welcoming back.

Many Thanks

Make sure you read this: Back to play guidance PDF

Socially Distanced Games and Practices PDF