I recently went home to Kenya and met with a group of dedicated people who are trying to establish squash as a major activity for under privileged children.

Some of you kindly donated rackets and trainers which I delivered to these children and you would not believe the effect. So little for us but the absolute world for them.

Please see the photos of these happy children. I cannot describe the joy of these kids, they had been playing with 3 or 4 rackets between 15 or 20 and half of them with no shoes.

At a risk of wearing our my welcome I would ask you to keep me in mind when you come to replace your trainers or buy a new racket as I will happily collect the ones you no longer need. I intend to return again next spring.

The children are being supported and coached by dedicated volunteers (see photo) from the Kenyan Squash Rackets Association. In such a poor country finding resources is hard to come by but as I’ve said before, your generosity has made the world of difference to these children and those passionate about bringing squash to these kids.

Many thanks
Sam Stewart