On the 12th November, Bournemouth Sports are hosting Dorset’s first ‘Everything Squash’ graded event, it is a one day tournament with grades A-D that is one of over a dozen events run in a 6 month season. Players get ranking points for their finishing places and in each grade there is a points race with big cash prizes up for grabs at the send of the 6th months. It has been gathering support over the last 2 years and is increasingly successful. the event looks to get a good turn out so far. Different events have different star ratings, most events are 2*, as is this event. I’ve been hoping to bring Everything Squash to Dorset for a while, so here hopefully is the first event and I now welcome the Dorset contingent to enter.

Entry fee is £15 and includes a tournament shirt, there will be prizes for the winners including a prestigious squash coin which is used to purchase items on the website. Matches are best of 3 or 5 with PAR scoring to 11, sudden death at 10-10, (scoring decisions also subject to entry). It will run from 10-5 on the day, and there will be a live draw as always at 9:50am.

All entries are to either myself on this email: stuart.parfett@outlook.com or to Callum Greasley on callum_greasley21@hotmail.com

Kind Regards,

Stuart Parfett
David Lloyd Newbury
Club Squash Coach

For more info on Everything Squash.