A fantastic turn out of 24 children aged 7 to 14 ranging from those who have only been on court 2 or 3 times to those who are chomping at the bit to be in County teams.

In Group 1 we had 8 players (the newer players to the sport) they played in 1 box league so all got 7 matches, each was 1 game to 15 points. The older juniors did a great job encouraging, marking and explaining the basics this group was more about winning a rally than being too hard on the rules – it’s all about encouraging enjoyment at this stage of play in the sport. Well done all you were amazing.

Groups 2 also had 8 players and played the monrad system, so all players had 3 matches and that gave a final placing. All matches were a best of 3 games and each game to 11 points. There was some fantastic and developing squash here, with quite a few having their first experience in a tournament. The final was a full on 2-1 match with the Toby Lemans meeting Daniel Hill, Toby won the first 11/8 then Daniel Hill came back in a tough game winning 15/13, both boys running for everything and Daniel just pulling it out of the bag in the 3rd 11/6, but it was a very close battle and some great rallies – impressive stuff.

Group 3 had 8 players too also playing the Monrad system. The first round matches were best of 3 games and as time allowed the second and third rounds were best of 5, all games to 11 2 points clear. Again there were some amazing battles through all the rounds that could have gone either way. Jacob Whitfield met Ben Stewart in the final Jacob winning 3-1 but again the score in the 4th was 12/10 so nearly ran to a 5th. Charlotte Jones met Isabella Rowan in the play off for 3rd/4th, Charlotte Jones came through to win 3-1 but again some great squash which is encouraging for our Junior Girls in Dorset.

Martin Greenslade very generously donated a coaching session with him as a prize which was drawn after the event, the lucky winner this time was Toby Anderson.

It was a fabulous day and hopefully met its aims of encouraging youngsters to the love of our sport – always looking for more to join in they are our future. Be in touch if you have a youngster who wants to give it a go.

Samara Stewart 😊