We would like to thank everyone who attended for a fantastic finals day!
There was plenty of great Squash and Racketball (Sorry, squash 57!!) to watch!

A good time was had by all with all matches played in great sportsmanship and spirit.

We thought perhaps next year might be improved by splitting Squash and Squash 57 over two weekends to accommodate those clubs who have to use players in both in order to field teams. Please let us know your thoughts on this proposal.

We have a few towels left if anyone would like to purchase extra for larger squads. The winners towels are £10.00 each and the runners up hand towels are £7.50. Please contact us if you require any.


Squash 57 Div 1; West Hants 1 beat Dorchester 1, 2-2 (10-6)
Squash 57 Div 2; Hamworthy 1 beat 2RMT1, 2-2 (7-6)
Squash 57 Div 3; BSC2 beat Ferndown 2, 2-2 (9-8)

Squash Div 1; Fern 1 beat West Hants 1, (4-1)
Squash Div 2; BSC2 beat 2RMT2 (4-1)
Squash Div 3; Fern 2 beat West Hants 4 (4-1)
Squash Div 4; Fern 3 beat BSC 4 (4-2)

Once again, thanks you for all who attended, players and supporters!

Martin & Tasha